Where can I go for mole removal?

shutterstock 1007094145 1It is not unusual for patients to have moles, which are skin growths that re often present at birth. However, patients wrongly believe that all moles are cancerous. Most moles are benign, but skin cancer is often spotted in moles that have changed in shape, size, color, or border. Regardless, patients with a mole in a highly noticeable area, such as the face, or one that is in the folds of the skin and causing discomfort may be interested in learning about mole removal options. At The Menkes Clinic, patients can discuss the benefits of mole removal with our team. 

What are moles? 

Moles, or “nevi,” are growths that may be present on the skin. They are often brown in color and raised. They can develop anywhere on the skin, including noticeable areas where patients will often consider removal. 

How are moles removed? 

There are a few ways in which benign or cancerous moles can be removed. This includes: 

  •         Laser therapies
  •         Cryotherapy (freezing)
  •         Surgery (manual excision)

The type of removal chosen for a growth will be determined based on the size and location of the mole. During a consultation appointment and initial evaluation, if our doctors are concerned that a mole might be changing and a sign of cancer, a small portion of the mole will be manually removed and sent off for testing. This is called a biopsy and is the method used by dermatologists to spot areas of skin cancer. 

How will I know if a mole is cancerous? 

An indication that skin cancer may be present is with changes to moles that were already existing on the skin. Changes include changes in the color, the shape, the overall size, and the borders of the mole. With annual skin cancer screenings, our professionals can monitor current moles for changes that might be indicative of skin cancer. 

Ready to remove one or more moles from your skin? 

The team at The Menkes Clinic can help. We serve both new and current patients in our state-of-the-art facility conveniently located at 2490 Hospital Drive, Suite #201 in Mountain View, CA. Call us today to request an appointment with our team and take a proactive approach to skincare! Our friendly front office team can be reached at (650) 962-4600.

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