How the Lightsheer Duet can help achieve hair-free skin

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Every day, men and women are removing unwanted hair. Whether they’re shaving off morning stubble or waxing away hair on the legs, this daily grooming ritual adds up to a lot of time spent in one lifetime removing unwanted hair. But what if someone told you that you could get rid of unwanted hair for …

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Mystery Face Rash Solved

Mystery Face Rash Solved Lillian Soohoo, MD Board Certified Dermatologist, The Menkes Clinic In recent months, I have seen a definite spike in the number of patients who report puzzling skin rashes on the face and neck. Appearing as rough, mildly itchy areas usually on the eyelids, cheeks and neck, these skin changes are probably …

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What is Mohs micrographic surgery?

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Patients of Mountain View, California who are faced with a recent diagnosis of basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma are strongly encouraged to book a consultation visit with the team at The Meknes Clinic to learn about a reliable surgical solution for skin cancer called Mohs micrographic surgery. What is Mohs micrographic surgery? The doctors …

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Do you really need sunscreen during the winter?

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At The Menkes Clinic, Mountain View, California area patients often have a variety of questions for their dermatologists. One question we hear regularly is, “Do I really need to wear sunscreen during the winter?” While the winter days are shorter and darker, this doesn’t mean that your skincare and sun protection regimen should be changed. …

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Improving the skin’s health during seasonal changes

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The hot, summer sun shouldn’t be your only reminder to lather on the sunscreen on a daily basis. Skin needs to be protected all year round, even during the fall and winter months. Fall is a great time for patients to be more mindful about ensuring they have proper sun protection. This is because sun …

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Understanding Alopecia

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While it is normal for the scalp to lose up to 100 hairs a day, patients who are experiencing more severe hair loss and thinning may need to work with a doctor to understand their condition. Alopecia, or hair loss, can impact children and adults and can cause patients to feel self-conscious about how they …

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What is “shaving folliculitis?”

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The doctors of The Menkes Clinic in Mountain View, California provide a selection of services for patients who are in need of care for the skin, face, or body. A condition that can often happen to patients and cause long-term scarring is that of “shaving folliculitis.” Also known as razor burn, this development of ingrown …

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Understanding vitiligo

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Vitiligo is a condition that impacts patients at any age, of any gender, and of any ethnic group. This condition is often characterized by the loss of pigmentation of the skin. This pigmentation, known as “melanocytes,” are pigments in the skin that can die off, causing the skin to lose its natural color through the …

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The COVID Chronicles: Reflections of a Dermatologist

Dr. Lillian Soohoo has been caring for patients during the pandemic and took some time to share several COVID-related “Skin-Diseases-of-the-Month.”  It’s been six months since the world came to a halt and those who could, locked themselves in their homes. Along with the new habits we’ve fallen into during COVID, I’ve noticed an interesting trend …

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Dr. Soohoo Featured On World Journal

Dr. Soohoo was recently featured in an article on World Journal titled “How to take care of the skin under the epidemic”. Click the link below to read her article, and call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Soohoo! READ ARTICLE

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