Hair loss is something that we tend to associate with middle-aged men. We are most often surprised even when a younger man experiences hair loss, though, even in these cases, we chalk hair loss up to genetics. The truth is, men and women, and even children can lose an exaggerated amount of hair. We all shed hair on a daily basis. However, thinning or bald spots go beyond what is considered normal and may require professional diagnosis and treatment.

Hair loss may look different on every person. Some of the common signs of concern include:

  • Progressive thinning on the crown (top of the head).
  • Bald patches anywhere on the head or body.
  • Complete hair loss on the entire body.

The hair loss that occurs with alopecia can vary significantly from one person to another. This could be due to the underlying cause as well as other factors. Hair loss affects only about .2 percent of humans. Hair may be lost in just one spot, or in several spots at once. This hair may, within a few weeks or months, grow back. At some point, new bald spots may occur.

Causes Of Hair Loss

There are several potential causes that a dermatologist will investigate when a child experiences hair loss. This condition may be the primary problem (alopecia areata), or may stem from:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Skin disorders
  • Infection
  • Thyroid problems
  • Hair pulling
  • Emotional or physical shock
  • Extremely tight hairstyles

Treating Hair Loss

Your dermatologist understands the immense emotional toll that hair loss can have on patients of any age. Dr. Menkes and Dr. Soohoo are extensively trained in the various conditions that can affect the hair, scalp, and skin. We work with our patients to determine the root cause of hair loss and provide safe, effective treatment as needed to restore healthy hair and confidence. Some of the treatment options considered for alopecia include topical and light therapy or phototherapy.

To learn more about hair loss in men, women, or children, contact our dermatology office in Mountain View for a one-on-one consultation.

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