Femtouch Laser Treatment Improves Quality of Life for Mountain View, CA Women

FemTouch On AcuPulse 360 For Women’s Health

Patient Testimonial

Do you suffer from vaginal dryness? Do you have discomfort during intercourse? Have vaginal health issues impacted your intimate relationship? Has childbirth left you with vaginal laxity? Do you experience urinary issues? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a simple, fast, and comfortable in-office procedure could be right for you. The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center in Mountain View, CA offers FemTouch laser treatment.

How It Works

FemTouch is a micro-ablative fractional CO2 laser. Focused light energy is directed at vaginal walls. It creates a controlled thermal response that stimulates increased collagen production. This natural process of tissue remodeling improves feminine health by thickening vaginal walls and increasing lubrication. FemTouch tightens vaginal laxity, common after childbirth. Treatment may also lift and tighten tissues that support the urethra, for improvement in urinary leakage and urgency.

What To Expect

FemTouch is nonsurgical, non-hormonal, and takes just a few minutes. You simply relax while laser energy is introduced into the vagina with a slender, sterile probe. It is moved along the vaginal wall in a 360° motion. You may feel vibration or a mild sensation of warmth during or following treatment, but it resolves quickly. A cooling, hydrating gel can be provided.

Three sessions are typically recommended at four to six week intervals. Many women report improvement after the first or second treatment. You may want to consider an annual follow-up treatment to maintain results.


  • Femtouch treats vaginal dryness, burning, and itching; pain during intercourse; vaginal laxity; urinary urgency; and stress urinary incontinence.
  • Ideal for women of all ages experiencing these issues from pregnancy, menopause, or cancer treatment.
  • Safe and cleared by the FDA.
  • Simple in-office procedure that takes only about five minutes.
  • No anesthesia is needed.
  • Just 72-hours of sexual abstinence required.

You don’t have to live with unpleasant feminine symptoms. Call 650-962-4600 to schedule a discreet FemTouch laser treatment consultation in Mountain View, CA at The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center.

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