Understanding hemangiomas

iStock 1269959502Both children and adults can develop certain skin conditions. Mountain View, California area patients who are dealing with imperfections that grow may be wondering what the growth is and if it impacts their health. While skin cancer is a common concern, there are other growths that may develop on the skin that are not harmful, such as hemangiomas. Hemangiomas are described as a proliferation of blood vessels on the skin. They are harmless and can be removed with the help of a medical professional at The Menkes Clinic. 

What causes hemangiomas? 

Hemangiomas may develop at any point in a patient’s life. Some babies are born with them, and children may experience them as well. Certain types of hemangiomas, such as cherry angiomas, may develop in one’s later years, after the age of 50. Hemangiomas vary in cause, and might be a result of trauma, sun exposure, or genetics. 

What types of hemangiomas can form on the skin? 

Strawberry hemangiomas are a type of growth that is often found on babies. They are called this because they are often bright red in color. They may resolve on their own, but parents with children who have strawberry hemangiomas in very visible areas may want to ask their dermatologist about removal. Removal can be achieved with steroids, laser light therapies, or beta-blockers. 

Another common type of hemangiomas is that of port-wine stains. These are flat, broad patches of slightly raised skin that can develop anywhere on the face and body. They might change in color or texture with age. Many patients will consider laser treatments for removing this type of mark on the skin, though some choose to leave them if they are not in a highly visible area or bothering an individual. 

Are you interested in removal of hemangiomas? 

Mountain View, California area patients who are ready to work with the team at The Menkes Clinic to remove hemangiomas are invited to book a consultation visit and initial evaluation with our team of professionals. Call (650) 962-4600 to request an appointment at 2490 Hospital Drive, Suite #201 for you or your family member.  

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