Mountain View patient asks, “What is Cellulaze laser treatment?”

Cellulite can be a cause of stress and dissatisfaction for many people, women in particular. Diet and exercise can improve the appearance of cellulite but won’t get rid of it completely. Characterized by uneven and dimpled skin, which may look like the outside of an orange or cottage cheese, cellulite is caused by structural conditions in the skin, which include:
  • Connective tissues surrounding fat deposits tighten and lose elasticity
  • The fat cells, located between tissue bands, push again the skin and create slight bumps
  • As the skin naturally loses volume and thins out, cellulite becomes more pronounced
  • The amount, location, and severity of cellulite is determined by several factors, including sex, age, family history, weight, and hormones.

At The Menkes Clinic and Surgery Center in Mountain View, CA, Dr. Andrew Menkes and Dr. Lillian Soohoo are board-certified and experienced physicians who specialize in all aspects of medical, pediatric, cosmetic, surgical and laser dermatology. Drs. Menkes and Soohoo understand that cellulite can impair a patient’s self-confidence and satisfaction with his or her physique.

We have invested in many advanced technologies to help our patients achieve their goals for their skin and physiques.

Cellulaze by Cynosure is a minimally-invasive laser procedure that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat cellulite beneath the skin.

How it works

A tiny tube, called a cannula, which contains a patented laser, is inserted under the skin. The laser thickens the skin while subsequently reducing the fat deposits and smoothing the skin with just one treatment. Clinical studies have demonstrated that Cellulaze treatment results in up to 25 percent thicker skin and nearly 30 percent improvement in elasticity. Patient satisfaction scores are over 90 percent one year after treatment.

The Cellulaze procedure takes between one to two hours and is performed in our comfortable office with local anesthesia.

The Menkes Clinic and Surgery Center has been serving patients from Mountain View, Los Altos, Saratoga, Los Gatos, San Jose, and surrounding Silicon Valley communities since 1984.

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