Are you a candidate for Cellfina Cellulite treatment in Mountain View?

Drug store aisles are full of scrubs, creams, and devices that promise to eliminate cellulite. Yet the source of this condition is deeper. The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center in Mountain View, CA offers effective treatment that addresses the cause, not the surface symptoms, of cellulite.

What causes cellulite?

Your body has a layer of subcutaneous (beneath the skin) fat. In areas such as thighs and buttocks, fibrous bands connect skin to underlying structures. As these bands pull down on skin, fat pushes upward, creating an “orange peel” or “cottage cheese” effect. Cellulite is not a health threat, but it has a negative effect on appearance. Although extra pounds make it more noticeable, even those who are quite fit may have cellulite.

Cellfina treatment

Cellfina is an FDA-cleared technique for releasing connective bands in fat, allowing skin to smooth out naturally. This is an outpatient procedure, and only local numbing is needed. Dimpled skin is pulled into the device with gentle suction, to stabilize it. Dr. Andrew Menkes inserts a tiny surgical device to sever the fibrous bands, a process called “controlled subcision.” There are no sutures, and little or no downtime. There may be mild discomfort in the treatment area, but it is easily managed with over the counter analgesics.

Determining candidacy for treatment

  • Are you reasonably healthy, and within ten pounds of normal body weight?
  • Are you free of bleeding problems and not taking aspirin?
  • Can you spare about an hour to get rid of 20 to 30 cellulite dimples?
  • Would you like noticeable results that last up to two years?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you are likely a good candidate for the minimally-invasive Cellfina method. Call The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center in Mountain View at (650) 962-4600 to schedule a cellulite treatment consultation with Dr. Menkes.


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