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istock 886098366 1For the management of psoriasis, a patient’s success depends on obtaining a quality provider who can diagnose the condition properly and provide the best modalities for long-term treatment. Psoriasis is a condition that is caused by an autoimmune disorder that causes the skin cells to grow and shed quickly on specific areas of the body. The condition can be difficult to manage for many patients, especially when it is severe and affects one’s self-esteem and confidence. 

What forms of psoriasis might be present? 

There are five primary types of psoriasis that can be diagnosed. They include: 

  • Plaque, or “discoid” psoriasis
  • Guttate psoriasis
  • Inverse psoriasis
  • Pustular psoriasis
  • Erythrodermic, or exfoliative psoriasis

The  most common type of psoriasis is plaque psoriasis, which cause the formation of raised skin patches that may appear red with silver or white-colored patches. They often appear on the knees and elbow, though can be present anywhere on the body. This type of psoriasis can be itchy and embarrassing for patients, making the need for effective treatment highly desirable. 

How to manage chronic psoriasis

Patients with psoriasis often reach out to a dermatologist at The Menkes Clinic to learn more about their condition and find effective ways of dealing with it throughout their lifetime. Below are several recommendations from our doctors regarding the care and management of psoriasis: 

  • Soften scales with regular bathes in warm water with oils, salts, or oatmeal
  • Apply lotion to the skin right away after a bath to moisturize
  • Manage stress and utilize relaxation techniques to avoid flare-ups
  • Stay away from cleansers, detergents, and chemicals that can aggravate psoriasis
  • Use the treatments provided by your dermatologist as recommended for the best results

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