What to expect during miraDry treatment at premier clinic in Mountain View, CA

miraDry is an FDA approved, non-invasive treatmentfor excessive underarm sweating. The system uses microwave technology to heat and permanently destroy sweat and odor glands, without harming surrounding tissues. This leading-edge technology is available at The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center in Mountain View, CA.

Treatment experience

miraDry is performed on an outpatient basis at The Menkes Clinic:

  • Treatment area is numbed.
  • Sweat glands are mapped with temporary markings.
  • The clinician uses a handpiece to direct a carefully controlled dose of electromagnetic energy to sweat glands.
  • An automatic cooling mechanism keeps skin at a comfortable temperature.
  • The entire treatment takes about an hour.


There is essentially no downtime. You may return to work or other activities right away, although your underarms will feel numb for a few hours. Dr. Menkes recommends avoiding strenuous exercise for several days.

You will likely have some redness, swelling, and tenderness the first week. It can be managed with cool compresses and over the counter analgesics. Do not be alarmed if you notice bumps or lumpiness in the treated area – they resolve naturally within several weeks. Some patients experience the added benefit of underarm hair loss.

What is the most important thing you can expect following miraDry treatment? Immediate, permanent results! A recent study showed an 82 percent reduction in sweat, on average, and a 90 percent patient satisfaction rate. (In some cases, a second treatment is necessary to fully destroy sweat glands.) You may never need to use deodorant again! You might decide to splurge on some brightly colored shirts you would not have considered before. You can expect to feel cool, dry, and more confident in social situations, too.

To learn more about miraDry treatment, schedule a consultation at The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center in Mountain View, CA. The number is (650) 962-4600.

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