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Research has shown that individuals who suffer from visible skin conditions can develop emotional and psychological problems as well. Likewise, emotional stresses may trigger skin conditions. Certain skin concerns cause depression, loss of self-esteem, frustration, avoidance of social situations, and anger.

It is estimated that two out of five children with skin conditions experience these emotional consequences. At The Menkes Clinic and Surgery Center, serving Mountain View, Silicon Valley, and the Bay Area, our board-certified physicians, Dr. Andrew Menkes and Dr. Lillian Soohoo, and our professional dermatology team understand that children have unique needs and require specialized treatment and care. Dr. Soohoo is one of a select few board-certified pediatric dermatologists in the region.

Our respected and recognized advanced dermatology clinic offers treatment for many conditions that can affect our tiniest patients, such as:


Typically associated with the teen years, acne has begun to impact children as young as seven years old. Dermatologic research suggests that this change is due to children entering puberty earlier than in the past. Approximately eight out of ten preteens and teens have acne in America.


Hair loss or bald spots in children may be a result of alopecia areata or due to underlying factors such as hormones, thyroid function, skin disorders, infection, trauma, or pressure on the hair from tight hairstyles.


Usually appearing on the skin within the first few months of life, these skin lesions are not usually harmful. Red birthmarks are the result of blood vessels and capillaries under the skin. Dark birthmarks are caused by a pigment in the skin.


The chronic, red, itchy rash knows as eczema commonly occurs before the age of five years old, most often in the first six months, and can last through adolescence. Ten percent of all infants are affected. Family genetics and environmental factors are thought to be the cause.


Often beginning as a small red speck, hemangiomas can grow rapidly, generally reaching their maximum size by six months of age.

Molluscum Contagiosum

As the name implies, this mild rash, which presents as tiny bumps similar to warts, is contagious. Children under 12 years old are the most frequently affected, although the condition can occur at any age. Pediatric patients who participate in sporting activities in warm and moist environments, such as swimming, wrestling, or gymnastics, are most susceptible.


Rashes can include cradle cap, hives, and contact dermatitis.


Dermatophytes are types of skin fungi. Ringworm is a contagious fungal infection that children are exposed to in warm and humid environments.

Warts (Verrucae)

More often diagnosed in children than adults, the skin infection that leads to warts is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) virus. Verrucae affects 10 to 20 percent of children, most commonly between the ages of 12 and 16. Girls are more susceptible than boys.

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