Trends in Facial Plastic Surgery: Surgical Vs. Non-surgical

Face Procedures Mountain View CAA recent study done by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery allowed us to see some of the newest trends in plastic surgery. Studies like these are very eye-opening and helpful for us, since that’s how we know what we should look into more. For example, if we see that certain treatments and procedures are getting requested by more people across the country, we can make sure to have the technologies and products available when you come in and ask for them.

Overall, we look for trends and where they may come from. Celebrities often drive demand for products, treatments, and procedures, since that’s where many of the most innovative treatments start: in Hollywood. But, more and more often, we’re seeing trends driven by social media and how individuals want to see themselves. Keep reading to learn all about what’s up and coming in the plastic surgery world

Younger Patients

Though we often expect patients who are looking to reverse signs of sun damage and aging, we’re learning to expect younger patients who may not have the regular visible signs of aging and damage from years in the sun.

Yes, younger people–often in their twenties–are looking to get more treatments and procedures done. If you’re surprised, think about it for a minute. Social media and selfie culture encourages young people to cultivate a personal brand, even if that means using a little extra help. Apps like Photoshop and Facetune are used to smooth baby wrinkles, boost radiance, and remove blemishes for the average selfie, so treatments just help streamline the process.

These younger patients are also opting for less invasive treatments to prevent the signs of aging that could require more intense treatments to reverse later on. For example, the demand for laser treatments to boost collagen-production and Botox to freeze the muscles that may create wrinkles later on, is growing very quickly.

More Fillers

It turns out that not just the uber-young are opting for less invasive treatments. The results of fillers, laser treatments, and other low-recovery treatments are becoming more popular across the board. We think that people are looking to get great results without spending exorbitant amounts of money and too much time recuperating on the couch. Fillers, especially, are becoming better at treating smaller concerns of the nose that no longer require a rhinoplasty to tweak. Different consistencies of fillers also mean that you get better results that are tailored to exactly what you’re looking for.

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