Rejuvenate Yourself in 2020: Don’t Forget About Surgery!

Although there are many nonsurgical alternatives now available at the Menkes Clinic for cosmetic rejuvenation of the face and body, do not forget about your surgical options! Read below to learn more about the surgical treatments available at the Menkes Clinic in Mountain View, CA.

What are the benefits of surgical treatments when compared to non-surgical treatments?

Surgery is still the gold standard for achieving outstanding results for most goals. For example, there aren’t any noninvasive treatments or modern techniques that will achieve the same degree of improvement as a facelift, liposuction or even surgical eyelid procedures.

Surgical procedures have been refined to achieve natural results with less downtime and less postoperative discomfort than previously. Many people are stuck on the results from the older procedures and are apprehensive about surgery these days, however many of these surgical procedures can now be done under local anesthetic.

Nonsurgical treatments are now very popular, and have been improving over the years, but in our experience they do not achieve the results of surgical procedures and they often require multiple treatments.

What Surgical Treatments are Available for Face and Body Rejuvenation?

For improvement of a sagging neck and jowl, minimally invasive lifting under local anesthetic is still the gold standard, especially for those of us over 50 years old. The results are very natural, and the downtime is only 10 days. Pain is surprisingly minimal, and scars are hidden and barely visible.

Eyelid rejuvenation for loose upper eyelid skin, and “bags” involving the lower eyelids, are significantly improved with relatively simple surgery and the results last for many years.

Tumescent liposuction with the use of local anesthetic is still the most effective treatment for body contouring, especially if multiple areas are involved.

The trends today of using energy based devices like Thermage and RF Microneedling do make sense for some people. We do offer those treatment options, and they can improve things, but they do not provide the same results as surgery.

How long is recovery from surgical treatments?</h2?

This depends on the procedure, but generally most of the surgical procedures we perform require 7-10 days of recovery.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation for surgical facial or body rejuvenation treatments at the Menkes Clinic, call (650) 962-4600 today!

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