Is cosmetic surgery better than other types of anti-aging treatments in Mountain View?

The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center of Mountain View, California is known for delivering effective, natural-looking anti-aging solutions. We offer several types of treatment, both surgical and non-surgical, to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Minimally invasive treatment

Botox and dermal fillers, a combination often called the “injectable facelift” can correct mild to moderate signs of aging. These treatments work by relaxing muscles, replacing lost facial volume, and restoring the support structure beneath skin. However, they do not address problems with the skin itself.

Chemical peels, skin rejuvenation, and laser resurfacing are minimally-invasive options for restoring skin elasticity, improving collagen production, correcting sun damage, and removing superficial lines and wrinkles. These treatments improve skin quality, but do not actually remove excess tissue.

Surgical procedures, such as a traditional facelift or neck lift, can correct advanced signs of aging and severe skin sagging. Skin and underlying muscles are repositioned and excess tissue removed. Cosmetic surgery is an excellent choice in cases when less invasive techniques are not enough, or when patients want the longest lasting results.

Types of surgery

Facial cosmetic surgery includes:

  • Eye rejuvenation – Known as Blepharoplasty, this procedure can treat fat pockets below the eyes, undereye bags, drooping eyelids or eyebrows, and sagging in the eye area.
  • Face lift – A skillfully performed facelift procedure requires a minimal number of incisions, and they are carefully placed so that ensuing scars will be well disguised. Skin and underlying muscles are restored to optimal position, eliminating deep wrinkles, sagging, and restoring a youthful appearance.
  • Neck lift –This procedure is very similar to a facelift, but focuses on the under-chin and neck areas. Often, a facelift and neck lift are performed together.

If you are considering any type of cosmetic surgery, please call our office at (650) 962-4600 and arrange a consultation.

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