Double chin removal boosts confidence in Mountain View, CA

Most people do not want to see submental fat – a roll or pad under the chin – when they look in the mirror. It adds years to the face and makes you look heavier. Many attempt to disguise a double chin with high necklines, buttoned shirt collars, or scarves. Dr. Andrew Menkes in Mountain View, CA suggests an alternative that helps you feel great about this area of your body; Kybella injectable double chin removal.

Why some people have double chin and others do not

Double chin may be a result of overall weight gain, but that isn’t always the case. Poor posture weakens neck and chin muscles, allowing tissues to sag. The natural process of aging also causes skin to lose elasticity. However, genetics is a common cause. Everyone has a layer of subcutaneous fat beneath the skin. It is necessary to regulate body temperature and cushion organs. The distribution of deeper fat deposits, though, is largely hereditary. If your parents and grandparents had double chin, you probably do, too, even if you are at a normal, healthy weight.

Removing submental fat

In the past, treatment involved liposuction – breaking up and pulling fat from the neck using special instruments inserted through small incisions.

Kybella is a completely different approach. It is formulated with an acid that your body produces naturally to break down dietary fats. Injected into precise points below the chin, Kybella gradually dissolves fat. Then body’s lymphatic system harmlessly eliminates it.

Kybella by the numbers

  • First and only injectable treatment for double chin approved by the FDA.
  • Average treatment involves 20 injections.
  • Each session takes 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Expect a series of up to six treatments, spaced about one month apart.
  • Results are visible within four to six weeks.
  • Improvement lasts years!

Contact Dr. Andrew Menkes for removal of double chin without scarring or the recovery time of liposuction. The number in Mountain View, CA is (650) 962-4600.



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