Mountain View, CA dermatologist suggests Mohs surgery for skin cancer on the nose

Any diagnosis of skin cancer is serious. It is even more unsettling with the lesion is on a highly-visible area of the body where the outcome may permanently affect appearance. Unfortunately, it commonly occurs on the nose, where skin is delicate and readily exposed to sun. Dr. Andrew Menkes in Mountain View, CA is trained in Mohs micrographic surgery, a good choice for this situation.

Skin cancer basics

While there are many specific types of skin cancer, most cases fall into these categories:

  • Basal cell carcinoma – BCC is the most frequently-diagnosed skin cancer in our country. While it rarely spreads to other organs, a BCC can grow large and deep.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma – About 700,000 cases of SCC are diagnosed in the US each year. SCC can metastasize.
  • Melanoma – The gravest form of skin cancer, melanoma can spread quickly to other parts of the body.

Exposure to ultraviolet light increases risk of all three types, and any of the three can occur on the nose.

About Mohs surgery

Mohs is an extremely precise method of removing skin cancers. A thin slice of the lesion is shaved. It is examined under powerful magnification using a special dye process to check all borders for cancerous cells. The procedure is repeated, while the patient is in the doctor’s office, until no cancer cells are detected.

Why Mohs is ideal for cancer on the nose

Because the Mohs is so exact, cancer is removed with the least possible tissue destruction. That equates to a smaller wound, faster healing, and reduced scarring. In addition, Mohs has the highest cure rate for many types of cancer, including BCCs and SCCs, especially those which tend to recur. Mohs is now a viable alternative for some melanomas, as well.

You shouldn’t have to compromise your appearance to eradicate a cancer on the nose. Schedule a Mohs surgery consultation with Dr. Menkes in Mountain View, CA – (650) 962-4600.

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