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Dry skin tips for the elderly - World Journal (January 30, 2017 )

Dry skin tips for the elderly - World Journal (January 30, 2017 )

Welcome Kim Rufkahr

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Life without cellulite can be a day at the beach with cellfina Menkes Clinic Cellfina Card

Life without cellulite can be a day at the beach with cellfina Menkes Clinic Cellfina Card



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Light & Bright Promotion

Light & Bright Promotion Banner

Cellulaze™ is here–say goodbye to Cellulite!

We are excited to announce a new technology called Cellulaze™ from Cynosure. Cellulaze™ is a treatment for cellulite that attacks its very structure, beneath the skin that causes cellulite.

LEARN MORE: Click here to find out more information about Cellulaze™ including how it works.

IN THE NEWS: Watch Video: Today Show–Cellulaze™ Highlight

Latest News

Introducing CoolFit

Say hello to the CoolFit Applicator, an exciting addition to the CoolSculpting product line. The CoolFit applicator's advanced engineering design features a flat applicator cup and larger cooling plates, enabling treatment of more areas and more patients than ever before.

  • Longer Cooling Plates: Maximizes treatment area with 38% greater cooling surface
  • Flat Applicator Cup: Ideal for longer fat bulges
  • Unique Applicator Design: Easily treats hard-to-reach bulges
Read more about CoolSculpting here

Watch video about CoolSculpting here

Announcing The High Speed Lightsheer® Duet™

The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center is proud to be the only clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area to offer the LightSheer® DUET™ laser hair removal system. Now you can permanently reduce unwanted body hair comfortably and in the fraction of the time compared with other lasers. Learn more about this amazing new laser technology.

In the Press

Los Gatos Patch

No More Bakin' and Bikinis
by Kim Ratcliff
Dr. Lillian Soohoo helps a woman with her malignant melanoma


On October 22, 2007, Dr. Menkes appeared on KRON's Monday morning show, Body Beautiful. He participated in this live interview to share his expertise and offer his opinions on the latest trends and treatments in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Menkes expertly answered News Anchor Vicki Laviakis's questions and those of live call-in guests.

Community Education Program

The dermatologists and staff at The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center are committed to educating our patients and community about ways to achieve healthy, youthful-looking skin. We find that everyone would like to have healthy, youthful looking skin. However, most people simply do not know how to achieve and maintain it.

We would be happy to provide your employees useful information on how important it is to take care of our largest organ throughout the course of our life. Early detection, like any other disease, is very important with all skin conditions. A good understanding of maintaining healthy skin is very valuable to each and every one of us.

As part of our community education program, we have developed a series of concise presentations given by our dermatologists, Dr. Andrew Menkes and Dr. Lillian Soohoo, who will discuss topics of interest regarding skin care and dermatology. These presentations are informal and will allow your employees to ask questions and incorporate the latest information on skin care.

Our seminars / presentations can provide simple hints to help anyone look and feel their very best. Important tips such as:
  • Wearing sunscreen and protective sun wear
  • Qualifying your sunscreen by making sure it contains specific ingredients
  • Visiting a dermatologist for annual skin checks
  • Using a good daily skin care regimen
  • Paying attention to mole size, color and shape

These information sessions typically last from 30 minutes to one hour and recent presentations have included the following topics:
  • Healthy Skin for the Entire Family
  • What's New with Vitamin D?
  • How to Keep Kids Sun Safe
  • Skin Cancer Prevention and Treatment
  • Refreshing Your Appearance--Simple Ways to Achieve Beautiful Skin
  • Cosmetic Surgery--Is it for You?

If you would like Dr. Menkes and Dr. Soohoo to come to your facility to present our healthy skin seminars or to participate in a corporate-sponsored health care event such as free skin cancer screenings, please contact our Practice Marketing Coordinator, Karen Keith at The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center at (650) 285-4661 or

We would appreciate the opportunity to tailor a program specific to fit the needs of your employees. Offering your employees a resource like this can be very valuable to them as well as extremely important for their overall well-being.
The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center
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"Deciding to do the lipo and BOTOX® was one of my best decisions. Dr. Menkes and his staff were very knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and supportive in pre-and-post procedures. They are keen on following up and objectively evaluating results and explaining all the available options. Thank you Dr. Menkes and staff."

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