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Our patients’ testimonials can help you become acquainted with our team, our services, and our high standard of care. Click here to leave a review.

Recent Patient Reviews

"Dr. Sohoo takes the time to educate the children for healthier choices."
Bahar Genc
"Very professional and thorough."
Tim Stewart
"Very efficient. Very nice staff. A pleasure."
Richard Hirst
"Everyone in this office is very friendly, professional and helpful!!! They make you welcomed. They are so very nice. Dr. Menkes is amazing!"
Sia Zajraie
"She was thorough and explained a great deal about what my situation was. Gave me a lot of confidence"
Jennifer Turner
"I had the procedure done in December. This month I received two compliments about my eyes both saying "You have beautiful eyes'. I said thank you and smiled to myself. Thank you Menkes Clinic!"
Susan P
"They were on time."
Deborah Marcus
"Very prompt , personable. Dr. spent time explaining the problem and treatment."
Gregg kumata
"I loved my visit with Dr. Soohoo! She is very thorough in her examination and took the time to talk to me about my condition."
Phuong Nguyen
"More thorough exam (all over my body) than my prior dermatologist."
Leslie D. Waters
"Dr. Menkes was very warm and friendly. He wasn't rushed like most doctors are and told me about treatment options that I never knew existed. I left feeling confident that I finally found the right doctor to help me. Thank you Dr Menkes!"
Ann Molerin
"Diane was very thorough and caring. I feel like the prat ice took a lot of care to make me as comfortable as possible and that the particles has very high standards for safety and proper care."
Mariette Wharton
"The Dr and staff were all positive, friendly and explained what they wanted and needed to do with the bump on my daighter's ankle. We had privacy in our room which I appreciated as well."
MaryBeth Malcolm
"I had my procedure in June 2015. I was amazed at how easy it was. I had no pain and could already notice a difference a week later. Now, 6 months later, I am so pleased with my result. I look natural and refreshed and am getting all kinds of compliments from friends. Worth every penny and Dr. Menkes and his staff are awesome!"
"Best Experience Thanks to Dr. M + his entire staff. I had zero pain. Two weeks later I looked exactly like myself except 10 yrs younger. I'm 68! My friends was so impressed, she signed up. I highly recommend Dr. M unconditionally. I'm beautiful + look very natural."
"I could not believe the results of my laser resurfacing procedure. The results were beyond my expectation. The procedure was painless and quick. The staff is friendly, professional and efficient. I am thrilled with the results."
"I absolutely love the results. I feel and look so refreshed and younger. Everyone in the office from the front desk, Karen, services coordinator, all the technicians, nurses etc. have gone above and beyond to help, answer question and provide the best service."
"Friendly staff, nice office, informative chat with Dr., felt comfortable with Dr Soohoo"
"Dr Menkes! The people, quick & painless surgery, and comfortable setting.
I appreciate the excellent service & friendly staff!"
"The office staff was friendly. Dr. Soohoo took her time with me."
"Dr Menkes. Very pleasant, knowledgeable people who explained everything I was interested in completely and made it easy to understand."
"Dr Soohoo! Everyone was friendly."
"Dr Menkes! Made me feel like I've known him for along time.Felt very comfortable. Easy to speak to. Thanks"
"Liked How Dr Menkes looked at patient in the eye, listened carefully to what patient was saying/feeling and did not rush."
"Dr Soohoo was very caring and helpful. Office was very organized and efficient. Thanks. I felt better when I finished with Dr Soohoo"
"Dr Soohoo! Didn't wait long. I had my 2.5yr old son with me and it wasn't an issue for anyone."
"Dr. Soohoo explained the treatment in a simple but thorough manner. We were able to make an informed decision and feel very confident in her recommendations."
"Dr Menkes! Very professional and prompt"
"Dr Menkes! Very prompt, very matter-of-fact, and friendly relaxed demeanor. A good first visit."
"Dr Soohoo. Like the Timeliness and the doctor's pleasant bedside manner."
"Dr Menkes' prompt service, competent care and good conversation that made me feel at ease"
"Mary Rozelle PA! The PA was friendly, brief, and knowledgeable."
"Dr Menkes! Great additude and personality. Probably a pretty good dermatologist too. "
"Office staff was polite and professional, didn't take too long to get situated into an examination room. Rooms were well kept and fresh. Dr Menkes Physician's assistant Mary Rozelle is very genuine, personable and considerate in her approach to patient care she listens well and genuinely seems to be caring and compassionate about her work. After Mary's preliminary examination Dr Menkes preformed a follow up review that was specific to any notable findings, was friendly, concise and professional and I was on my way.
Very positive experience for my first visit, I will recommend your practice to friends and colleagues."
"Dr. Menkes immediately apologized about the wait (30 minutes). He was thoughtful, knowledgable, and efficient."
"Everyone was very nice and respectful. I felt very comfortable being treated by Dr. Soohoo because it was obvious she is very knowledgeable in this field and knows what she is dong. I was impressed with the cleanliness and overall aesthetic of the office and exam rooms. It made my experience more pleasant and made me less nervous."
"Dr Menkes! Professionalism and knowledge."
"Dr Menkes! Friendly, efficient and the office is clean."
"I appreciate that Dr. Soohoo takes time with her patients. She figured out what was wrong, told me what to do, and asked if I had any more questions. Not in a hurry to move on to the next patient."
"I had my upper and lower eyelid done & CO2 FX laser on my face. The results are better than I could have imagined & I did not experience any pain. No one knows I had anything done & my friends are telling me I "Look Younger". Thanks Dr. Menkes!"
"Mini-Face Lift: Best experience! Thanks to Dr. M and the entire staff. I had zero pain. Two weeks later I looked exactly like myself except 10yrs younger. I'm 68! My friend was so impressed, she signed up. I highly recommend Dr. Menkes unconditionally. I'm beautiful & look very natural."
"Dr Menkes, Mary Rozelle PA! The office was able to fit me in, even though I had never been there before. I felt that Mary and Dr. Menkes were both very knowledgeable and knew what to do under the circumstances. I appreciated their time."
"Dr Menkes! Very professional, procedure was painless and staff very helpful in after treatment instructions"
"Dr Menkes, Mary Rozelle PA! I got all my questions answered and I didn't feel rushed. The office staff seemed efficient and pleasant."
"Dr Soohoo.
Very efficient and thorough"
"Dr. Soohoo. No wait, attentive and friendly staff kept me fully informed about care being provided and options available. Felt that I was being well cared for.Have already recommended the office to a friend and will continue to do so."
Carol Ostermann
"My teenage son left Dr. Menkes office with positive attitude after Dr. Menkes optimistically assured him that he will find a way to clear his acne.
Everybody in the office was very friendly during our visit. Providing medicine for him in the office was really helpful because we started the treatment the same day."
"Dr Soohoo, Cleanliness, professional and responsive staff, knowledgeable and caring doctor."
"I liked Everything, from when I walked in to when I left with an appointment for the procedure i require. I would recommend Dr. Menkes and staff to anyone."
"Dr. Menkes is personable, friendly and kind. More than that, he's a knowledgeable expert who was able to earn my trust and respect quite quickly. I've been to a (different) dermatologist in the past for this rash I've had for 4 years now. The previous dermatologist dismissed me within a moment of seeing me saying it's an allergy. Dr Menkes took the time to talk with me about it and we've started a game plan to try to get rid of it. I had inquired about a cosmetic procedure and he gave me his honest, professional opinion to not bother with the cosmetic procedures. This is unlike some doctors who would quickly compile a list of things for me to fix. I have a lot of respect for Dr Menkes' opinions against it."
"Dr Menkes. I like Clinic setting, Clinic efficiency, Clinic results. Friendly staff."
"Dr. Soohoo! Clean and kind."
"Dr. Soohoo, The doctors and staffs are very friendly and explanations from doctor is understandable."
"Dr. Menkes was very matter of fact, and friendly, and real about what would or would not work for my skin issue."
"Mary Rozelle PA, Got in right away. Fast professional service. Great service and follow up"
"Dr. Menkes. Liked the customer service. nice facility and the temperament of the doctor, will come back!."
"Dr. Soohoo. Liked The day and time for the visit were met. The time was little short."
"Dr. Soohoo, That I could come in at such short notice and I didn't have to wait at all once in the office. Doctor was really nice and professional. I got the treatment I needed. Assistant Charlotte is lovely and professional."
"Dr. Menkes was amazing he knew what I needed and delivered wonderful results."
"Mary Rozelle PA. The visit was Very good !"
"Dr. Soohoo, Short wait to see the doctor! Pleasant doctor, spent time with us. Nice looking office and staff."
"Dr. Menkes. Fast service and explained procedure to be done."
"Dr. Soohoo, Great staff, beautiful office and excellent service. Overall, we couldn't have asked for a better referral."
"I had Smartlipo in my hip and back area. I had no pain, very little bruising. My skin is tight and slim, looks like I lost 10lbs in the right places. I can't wait to do my inner thighs next!"
"Dr. Menkes removed a mole on the spot quickly & painlessly. I was expecting to have to return for a second appointment."
"The Promptness,the Nice clean office,The Staff and of course My visit with Dr. Menkes!"
"Dr. Soohoo have explained us really very well regarding our baby allergy .she have suggested some ointment to use and after using that allergy have been controlled with in a 15 days.we really thank full to soohoo"
"Dr. Soohoo was friendly, professional and so knowledgeable."
"Helpful front office staff. Wait was minimal. Dr. Menkes is knowledgeable and caring. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Menkes. He is the best dermatologist in the area."
"My Smartlipo was fairly painless with minimal downtime. I saw a huge difference in those "hard to lose" places like abs. The staff at The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center is excellent, courteous and very caring. I highly recommend them."
"The Office is Gorgeous, and Dr. Soohoo seemed to really know what she was talking about. I am excited to see results from the treatment plan she put in place."
"Dr. Soohoo was...On time, Professional, Knowledgeable, Efficient, Personable, With fair pricing. I look forward to having Dr. Soohoo as my personal dermatologist going forward.
"Besides being a VERY nice person, Mary Rozelle had the latest topical medicine for my condition. The reception staff was courteous and efficient."
"Dr Menkes. Everything was perfect from the moment I got there until I left. Very professional and friendly."
"Dr. Soohoo is very approachable yet practical. Definitely knows her stuff. I also liked that the office uses technology to keep track of patient issues."
"I am writing you to thank your staff for my new normal shaped legs. I worked out my whole life to keep in shape, and yet my body was that horrible pear shape. I was always embarrassed about my large legs; now with lipo and cellulaze, I feel better than I was even at 20 yrs old! This is the best money I have ever spent, and it was for myself, and to think it took me 3 yrs to get up the courage to do it. My clothes fit so much better, and it's only been a month. Your team is so supportive and caring. Everyone from Dr. Menkes, nurses, and staff are so kind and always there to help and answer any questions. I cannot thank you enough!"
" Dr Soohoo was Quick, friendly and efficient. "
" Dr. Soohoo was very nice, professional and learned "
" Dr. Soohoo! In and out quickly. Fast assessment of an action plan. "
" Did not have to wait. Dr. Soohoo was very personable and very supportive. "
" Dr Menkes is very personable and compassionate. He takes his time to thoroughly examine you and listen to your symptoms for diagnosis and treatment. Very friendly and efficient technicians, assistants and front desk staff too! "
"A big thank you to Dr. Menkes. Your encouragement and support helped me make the decision to have a chin and partial facelift. It's been about 2 months since my procedure, and oh I love the results. When I look in the mirror, I see the woman I was intended to be. Gone are the jowls which made me look like my son's bull mastiff. The responses from friends and strangers are amazing. I went to get my taxes done, and my accountant was amazed at how refreshed and unstressed I looked. His secretary insisted it must be my new hairstyle. Other responses included. "Oh my gosh, you look way too young to be retired." And, "I can't believe how youthful, rested, and calm you look. Retirement has done wonders for you."(It makes me wonder what I must have looked like before the cosmetic enhancement.) I don't consider myself to be vain, but I love passing by a mirror and peeking at my reflection. Dr. Menkes is truly an Edward Scissor Hand, and you, Karen, are the angel that coordinates the wonderful results. I am very grateful to the doctor, you, and his entire staff."
" Dr. Soohoo and staff were very helpful, courteous and professional. I was seen within a reasonable time. I was called the day before to move my appt. up so I would not have to wait too long.
Dr. Soohoo treated my problem and answered my questions clearly and succinctly. I appreciated this very much! "
" Office so nice and clean.
Receptionists & Nurses very professional and lovely. Dr. Menkes is numero UNO doctor. "
" Dr.Menkes approach to my problems. "
" Dr Menkes is direct and to the point "
" Dr Soohoo is very knowledgeable "
"My procedure (mini facelift and upper eyelid lift) had minor discomfort. I was impressed with how Dr. Menkes' staff worked hard to ensure that I was comfortable during the entire procedure. As a result, the time went by quickly, and I was very relaxed throughout. In terms of overall discomfort, I'd much rather have more cosmetic surgery with Dr. Menkes, than some upcoming dental work! Thanks again to your entire staff for helping to make this go so smoothly, and for the great results! I had a wonderful experience at your Clinic. Rachel administered the IPL to my face and neck. The results are a great improvement. The redness on my neck has almost completely disappeared. I can go out with my shirt unbuttoned, and have no concerns. My face is also very much improved, the cheek redness is only visible when I'm working in the sun, and most everyone else has color then too. I greatly appreciate the comprehensive time and care spent. I highly recommend this Clinic and its doctors to anyone interested in the best professional knowledge and care the Bay Area has to offer. I will definitely use the Clinic again for all my further treatments. My business associates would do well to take advantage of such a top rate practice. I highly recommend this Clinic to anyone wishing to look their best, in front of, or behind the camera."
Television Producer / Director
"I love that Dr. Soohoo gets to the point and makes a plan. The visits are quick but not rushed.
I live in Los Gatos and know I have many choices here for care. I do not mind making the drive to the Menkes Clinic because I feel the office is State of the Art and very efficient. "
"Dr. Menkes; Very informative, talks me through his thought process, and is open to suggestions. He also works very swiftly and I have not had to wait for extended periods of time."
"She was very thorough and informed. She is very upbeat and explains things in a way that a lay person can understand."
"Quick and complete. Got the answer to my problem and the problem corrected."
"The staff was friendly and professional. The environment was very clean. The nurses are very helpful.
I am a new senior patient who was referred by Dr. Caroline Stratz. I am very happy with Dr. Soohoo. I would like to receive a print-out after my visit which would summarize all of the procedures done so that I can have a good record to check my Medicare Insurance billings with."
"Very professional and complete."
Mitchell & Enrichetta
"Warm greeting by the friendly knowledgable staff, then quick attention to my term needs. I appreciate the courteous medical practice and actions you took."
"We were referred by our pediatrician. Dr. Soohoo is very knowledgeable, and put us at ease right way."
"Precise and definitive answers!"
"All of the staff, and particularly Mary Rozelle were very noticeably interested in providing my father (the patient) with the best possible care. While we had to wait quite a while past our scheduled appointment time Mary and Dr. Menkes answered all of our questions and made every effort to attend to my father's medical needs."
"Professional Attitude."
"Effective, thoughtful, thorough treatment. Friendly, practical manner. I will be back."
Richard J.
"Everyone took their time. I felt listened to and had my questions/concerns addressed in empathetic detail. Wonderfully nice people. I felt really comfortable and that I would be in safe hands! :)"
Pam E.
"Dr soohoo is great! Fast and so helpful!"
Andrea R.
Ane's comments on what she liked about her appointment with Dr Soohoo: "Time, knowledge."
"Was Great. Doctor looked me over and assured me I had no problem."
"I was preparing to move to a tropical location and didn’t want to be self conscious about my arms in bathing suits and sleeveless tops. The procedure was really easy, not at all painful. Afterwards, I only took Tylenol the first night. I'm so thrilled with the improvement in just 10 days. I know my arms will continue to improve over the next few months, but I’m already more confident about my new wardrobe options. Great job by Dr. Menkes and I received wonderful care by the entire staff!"
"Thanksgiving is here! Gone is the turkey gobbler! Yes I did it, at age 70, I decided it was time. After having a few consultations with doctors who wanted to change my entire face and put me under general anesthesia, I decided on Dr. Menkes because no one tried to talk me into other procedures and no general anesthesia. All went so well, the staff was so supportive and I am very happy with the results. I'd be happy to share my experiences."
"My mini-lift had amazing results. My jowls were gone, jawline is now defined and lifted. The Fraxel erased the lines around my mouth. I look and feel years younger. I only wish I had done it sooner."
"Dr. Menkes and his entire staff make a world of difference from start to finish—making cosmetic surgery more pleasant and easier than I ever expected. Customer service and satisfaction are second to none—it feels like a "big family" who truly care about their patients. The post-up flowers "the best is yet to come" was a very special touch and appreciated. Thank you very much!"
"Fabulous! Did not have to go into hospital. Clean surgical office with great nursing and attendants team. Dr. Menkes has a great "bedside" manner, making you feel comfortable."
"Dr. Menkes suggested Sculptra for me and I was reluctant to try it but did. It has really improved my facial appearance after three sessions! Thanks Dr. Menkes."
"Deciding to do the lipo and BOTOX® was one of my best decisions. Dr. Menkes and his staff were very knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and supportive in pre-and-post procedures. They are keen on following up and objectively evaluating results and explaining all the available options. Thank you Dr. Menkes and staff."
"My daughter's wedding was 5 months away and I needed to look my best for all those pictures that would be taken. I am 60 years old and noticed a lot of volume gone from my face. I decided to have Sculptra treatments by Dr. Andrew Menkes and I'm so glad I did! Pictures were taken before the treatment and I had 3 vials the first visit. 5 weeks later, on my follow-up visit, the pictures were brought up on the computer so we could compare the difference. It was unbelievable! I had to look twice in the mirror and back at the computer because I couldn't believe how dramatic the results were. My temples, areas around the nose, mouth and cheeks were obviously filled out. I had a 4th vial that day and after several weeks my younger look was amazing. I am getting so many compliments on how great I look – even from the guys in the office! They thought I lost weight or did something different with my hair! It's wonderful!

Sculptra's gradual results are so subtle and gave me the confidence I needed to step in front of the camera! Of course the product is nothing without the artist – Dr. Menkes. His skill and knowledge of Sculptra is exceptional. I highly recommend Sculptra and Dr. Menkes. Together they are a genie in a bottle!"
"Thanks so much for the special treatment I received when I had my 'Menkes Miracle Makeover."
"My friends think I look great. My family is amazed at how my attitude has changed and I feel like a new person."
"My liposuction procedure was a great success. I checked around and Dr. Menkes was someone I could really put my faith in. It all paid off. I feel so much better about myself now."
"Thank you for your wonderful care and the new body."
"Thanks to Dr. Menkes, my eyelift surgery not only improved my vision, but also improved my personal appearance. I'm very pleased."
"Dear Front Desk, Lily, Melony, Rachel, Karen, and Megan: I just wanted to thank you for all your patience, understanding, sympathy and dedication."
"I went to a Labor Day Barbecue at a neighbor’s home. I was talking to a lady about how expensive it was living in the bay area. I told her in 3 years I was going to retire and move to Austin, Texas. She said, Oh, I hope you have enough savings because you won't be able to collect social security until your 62! And I said "I'll be 62 in three years!" She said, "No way, I thought you were around my age", which is 46. Thanks Dr. Menkes. "
"I wanted to personally thank everyone for making my procedure an overall great experience. More important, you far exceeded my expectations relating to my results. To say the outcome is amazing is an understatement."
"I must say I was nervous when I first contemplated surgery with Dr. Menkes. Would it hurt? Would I look afterwards like I'd had plastic surgery? The answer to the latter is "NO"; no one can tell anyone has done anything. Dr. Menkes' work is careful and subtle. The results are very natural."
A Happy Patient

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