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Face and Neck Lift

The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center
5 Face and Neck Lift Mountain View - 5 Star Ratings
"Thanksgiving is here! Gone is the turkey gobbler! Yes I did it, at age 70, I decided it was time. After having a few consultations with doctors who wanted to change my entire face and put me under general anesthesia, I decided on Dr. Menkes because no one tried to talk me into other procedures and no general anesthesia. All went so well, the staff was so supportive and I am very happy with the results. I'd be happy to share my experiences."

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Face and Neck Lift Mountain View - Go ahead, take a compliment

The term “facelift” refers to a surgical procedure where the upper, middle, or lower portions of the face are repositioned to place the skin and tissues underneath to where they were when the patient was younger. Our key intention of the procedure is to make the results look natural, an aim accomplished by repositioning these tissues in the right direction. In a proper lift, the vector or direction of repositioning or pulling is more vertical than previously believed. It is the improper repositioning of tissues that makes people look unnatural or gives them a “pulled too tight” appearance. Others have described the look as someone appearing to be standing in a wind tunnel.

If done properly, the face and/or neck lift serves as a fantastic procedure for producing excellent, natural-looking results - something we have found to be the case in our practice. Our patients will attest to the fact that a properly done facelift is one of the most rejuvenating procedures in all of cosmetic medicine.

How it works

At The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center, face and neck lifts are performed exclusively under local anesthetic. This surprises some people and even some surgeons who believe that it is not possible to keep the patient comfortable and pain-free with only local anesthetic during such a procedure. We do sedate our patients, but we don't put them to sleep. In fact, under local anesthetic the patient is completely comfortable and feels no pain at all. The reason we do it this way is for safety and rapid recovery. We believe there is no reason to administer a drug, to sedate a patient intravenously, for such a procedure and thus to entail greater risk.

One of the other advantages of using a local anesthetic is that it has a small amount of adrenaline or epinephrine mixed in with it. This decreases bleeding during the procedure to almost nothing and, in addition, decreases the amount of bruising after the procedure. The other thing that surprises patients about our facelifting technique is the minimal amount of post-operative pain they experience. Almost nobody requires pain pills even though we give them to the patients in case they may need them for minor discomfort.

What to expect

The typical face and/or neck lifting procedure takes around 2.5-3.5 hours. The patient is prepped before surgery by receiving intramuscular injections and local anesthetic. Once the procedure begins, it typically takes around 2.5-3.5 hours. After the treatment, a head garment is worn around the clock for 4 days, with the exception of cleaning and showering, in order to minimize swelling. Patients are also expected to sleep with the head elevated. Although it varies from patient to patient, we recommend 2 weeks away from work, social activities, and exercise in order to ensure the safest recovery and the optimal result. Patients will see final results in 6 months.

Face and neck lifting benefits

  • Dr. Menkes has 30 years experience as a dermatologic surgeon
  • Dr. Menkes has performed thousands of facial surgical procedures
  • We have an ongoing commitment to continuing education in the latest state-of-the-art technologies
  • Proven natural results among our patients
  • Caring, comprehensive post-operative follow-up visits by the doctor
  • AAAHC/Medicare certified surgery center on-site
  • Face and neck lifts are performed under local anesthetic which enhances safety, decreases bruising and swelling, quickens recovery with less downtime and minimal post-operative discomfort

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