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PicoWay Laser

The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center, Pico Way

PicoWay: The newest laser tattoo removal treatment

Pico Way Mountain View - PicoWay Test The PicoWay™ laser is a game-changing laser for those seeking tattoo and pigmented spot removal. It’s unique dual wavelength laser beam is now able to remove previously hard to remove ink colors like yellow, red and orange. It can even remove recalcitrant tattoos—a tattoo with clinically apparent pigment after at least 10 previous treatments. It can also remove benign pigmented lesions. It does all this in fewer treatments with less discomfort on all skin types, plus it reduces complications of scarring and hypopigmentation. It’s truly revolutionary!

How it works

Typical Q-Switch lasers used for ink or pigment removal are photothermal, meaning they break up the ink or pigment through thermal injury, causing skin burning and discomfort. The PicoWay™ laser uses photoacoustic fracturing which mechanically breaks up the ink or pigment resulting in less heat and less pain. This revolutionary laser has unique dual wavelength action delivering shorter picosecond pulses of energy at the highest peak power approved by the FDA. Picosecond technology has ultra-short pulse durations, 100 times shorter than Q-switch lasers, and in the trillionths of a second. These bursts of energy take advantage of an intense photomechanical impact, instead of heat, which shatter the tattoo ink or pigmentation into tiny particles, making it much easier for the body’s immune system to remove and provide a more efficient treatment. This means less treatments with better results.

The Menkes Clinic & Surgery Center, Pico Way

What to expect

It’s always best to avoid prolonged sun exposure before receiving a laser treatment and remove all makeup. This will ensure the skin is healthy, clean and ready for treatment. Most patients don’t need anesthetic but if requested, lidocaine ointment can be applied 30 minutes prior to the treatment. The aesthetician will slowly guide the laser head along the skin being treated. Most sessions will take 10-15 minutes. Once completed, a protective bandage may be applied along with a cold pack, if needed.

PicoWay™ laser benefits

  • Better clearance of tattoo ink or pigment
  • Fewer treatments needed for clearer results
  • Less discomfort than Q-Switch lasers
  • Lower risk of hypopigmentation or scarring
  • Treats widest range tattoos and color
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